‘Deadpool’ And ‘Gotham’ Hottie Morena Baccarin Shows All Kinds Of Skin In A SIZZLING New Photo Shoot

By 12.09.16

I have to admit. I REALLY have a thing for Morena Baccarin. For one reason, she’s hot AF. Two, I like her character on Gotham and loved her in Deadpool. And three, the fact that she started banging her co-star on Gotham, Ben McKenzie, aka Jim Gordon, and got knocked up by him while she was still married makes me think she might be a little bit of a wild card.

Plus, anyone out there remember how how she was on that show V a few years back? Yeah, I didn’t think so. That show didn’t last very long.

And as you can and will see from this new photo shoot for GQ Mexico, Baccarin has had ZERO problem with her body snapping back after pumping out a kid back in March.

So hot.

#MorenaBaccarin Morena Baccarin from December's Mexican GQ Magazine.

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