I Have No Idea What Exercise Jen Selter Is Doing In This Video, But Whatever It Is That Booty Is POPPIN’

By 09.15.16


Somehow I highly doubt that Jen Selter does the below move at home. For one, there’s no resistance or weight on her leg, so what muscle is she really building by doing that? For two, you’re telling me that Jen has been working out her butt for years, and THIS is the sort of shit she does to get a behind like that? Bullshit. She only filmed it for the likes – don’t expect waving your leg in the air to get you a round rump.

…though, that’s not to say she doesn’t look good doing it. Jen looks good doing everything, and today is no exception:


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So long sweet summer! 💗

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You have to get up every morning and tell yourself "I can do this!" ❤️ Hope everyone has a great day!

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