One You Know Well and Four You Likely Don’t in this Week’s Hottie Index

By 10.20.12

Alexis Wright

Zumba classes seem like a good way to get in shape for those that aren't into going to the gym. Maybe there's a hot instructor for you to stare at while you're working out to dance music. You're dancing and getting in shape at the same time. Then next thing you know you're banging your instructor, which sounds like fun too even if you're paying for it in a different way than just taking her out for dinner and drinks. You take some innocent videos at her request assuming it's only for her to think about you when you're not around. It's all great until you find out she's got many other clients, she's been busted for prostitution, your name ends up in the paper, and the videos are all over the internet. That's what happened this week to people in Maine, including a former mayor of South Portland. Wright ended up fucking them…and then fucking them over. Hopefully the sex was good.

Kyna Treacy

Since Alex Rodriguez wasn't earning his pay on the field during the Yankees' recent playoff meltdown, he decided to use his extra time flirting with girls behind the dugout. That kind of thing is commonplace at baseball games, but it raises eyebrows when it's the highest paid player doing it during the playoffs as he's batting under .150. As it turns out, the girl who gave her number back to Arod was an Australian bikini model. She's a lot easier on the eyes than Torrie Wilson these days. Who's Torrie you ask? Oh, she just happens to be Arod's girlfriend…for now.

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson's ex Ryan Reynolds has long since moved on to bigger, better and younger things (Blake Lively) since the couple broke up a couple years ago. Johansson is still trying to find her own way without Reynolds. She's now single again after breaking up with her last boyfriend this week. The guy's last name was Naylor, which I'm sure is all he wanted to do when dating Johansson before moving on to something else. Johansson obviously needs to make sure she maintains her physique now that she's single again and we'll enjoy all the pictures of her workouts that look like this.

Heather Clem

Being the second person in a sex tape with Hulk Hogan is kinda an “eh” story. This isn't the early 90s. But being the bicycle in a bunch of celebrity sex tapes where some of your TV & movie favorites get a ride? Now that's something we can applaud here at the Hottie Index, especially if you've got some size in your face like Clem. I'm curious to see who else she has sex tapes of. I'm just hoping it's not Andre the Giant and the Ultimate Warrior because that wouldn't be any fun.

Katie Featherstone

This “Paranormal Activity” phenomenon just doesn't die. The first three movies made $576.6M worldwide in total. I haven't contributed a dime to that total, but there's a fan base out there. One person who's surely made a pretty penny on these movies is Featherstone, since she's starred in all four of them and not much else. You have to give the girl credit for finding her niche…and having a nice set of jelly doughnuts as well.

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