5 Things We Learned About Paulina Gretzky from Her Complex Magazine Interview

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5. She doesn't feel like she lives in The Great One's shadows:

By no means. My dad’s accomplishments are completely different than everything I’ve done with my life and the career path I want to take. What he’s done has only been inspirational for me.

4. She's working on a music career:

It’s very pop mainstream. When I first started, I wanted this Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani rocker girl vibe, but then I grew up and changed. I have a very raspy voice. My inspiration has always been Stevie Nicks. Hopefully it won’t sound like what everybody else is doing right now, and hopefully people will see the uniqueness in my voice and fall in love with it.

3. She's single and approachable (but probably still out of your league):

I am, but I’m focusing on my music, my career, and my family at the moment… If you can make me laugh, you can approach me.

2. She's not a big fan of the Internet:

I can’t meet people on the Internet. It’s just not real. I can’t connect. People think that you only talk to celebrities on Twitter or whatever. The only reason I would actually respond to a celebrity more so than someone that I didn’t know, is because I know who’s behind the screen. I want to reach out and talk to people and connect with them, but [the anonymity of the Internet] scares me a bit. If I Twitter back at Deadmau5, it’s because I know it’s [Joel Thomas Zimmerman]. Does that make sense?

1. Or texting…

That’s another one of my turn-offs: If a guy texts me instead of calling me, it’s done for me. It’s absolutely not gonna happen. I just can’t do texts. If you wanna ask me out, you’re gonna have to call me and ask me like a gentleman. You’re gonna have to be a man about it. There are so many things in this day and age that men don’t do anymore, and a simple phone call is not gonna kill you. That’s one thing my mother always taught me: You don’t chase men. They’re supposed to fight for you. They’re supposed to show you respect.


Go read the full interview with Paulina Gretzky at Complex…. 

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