Psst…Hey, Bro, You Wanna See Something Weird AF? This Chick Made A Dress Out Of Pubic Hair

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Pube Dress

Facebook / Sarah Louise Bryan

In a supposed attempt to out do Lady Gaga’s ridiculous ‘meat dress’ one woman spent six month collecting the pubic hair of strangers on the Internet to make the most outrageous gown the world has ever seen. Sarah Louise Brya, mother of two, stored the comical amount of pubes in her 16-year-old son’s bedroom while amassing enough of the hair to make her dress out of pubies. I wish I could say that she looks horrible in the dress, and that it’s hideously disgusting, but if I’m being honest with you bros this chick kind of pulls it off and manages to look hot in her dress made of pubes:

Apparently Sarah Louise Bryan became famous after designing some dress made entirely out of Skittles, and this dress is a big deal in the design world. As I’m neither a member of the design world nor do I care about dresses that aren’t made out of pubes I never learned about this dress. Good for her though, launching a dress that’s more outrageous than her Skittles dress and more ridiculous than Lady Gaga’s dress that was made out of meat.

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(h/t Unilad / The Sun)

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