Idiotic Trolls Gave A Smoking Hot QVC Model A Bunch Of Crap Over Her ‘Mismatched Nipples’

By 09.23.16

Sammi Marsh-Wade, Twitter

Once again the internet has gone and messed up a good thing, as it almost always does, thanks to the many trolls that inhabit it.

You see, sexy model Sammi Marsh-Wade was doing a little work for QVC modeling a sports bra and a skin-tight dress. Turns out the sports bra was kind of see-through and apparently the room was a little chilly. You would assume that both of those would be good things from a heterosexual male standpoint, right?

Well, it was, for awhile. Video of Sammi Marsh-Wade on the show ended up being watched over 285,000 times. However, according to the Mirror, within minutes of it airing trolls were out in force busting on her for her “mismatched nipples” and other ridiculous comments.

Really? Really, people? You hit the jackpot on, of all places, QVC and that’s where you go?

Here are the videos in question. Thankfully, someone saved them for posterity. The original video has since been taken down. Wonder why?

On the positive side, Sammi Marsh-Wade seems to have taken all the attention, good and bad, pretty well, even retweeting some of the funny comments…

Good for her.

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