Sisters Who Are Ridiculously Hot Colombian Models Kidnapped Rival And Dumped Her Naked On Side Of Road

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Modeling is a cutthroat business. Just ask 23-year-old model Carolina Munoz. She posted embarrassing photos of two Colombian sisters who are also models and the next thing she knows she is being beaten up, bitten, kidnapped, then dumped on the side of the road completely naked.

“They bit me, tortured me, pulled my hair and when we reached a remote spot in the car they cut all my clothes off and left me totally naked,” Munoz told authorities about the torture that the sisters, Yeimi and Claudia Rey, did to her.

The sisters even threatened to throw acid into her face and shave off her hair. They forced her to give them her passwords to her social networking sites and then they allegedly posted intimate photos of the model on the Internet.

On February 11, Yeimi was arrested at Bogota airport as she prepared to board a flight to Miami for the January 31, 2015 attack.

“I made a mistake and I accept it,” Munoz said. “I posted some photos of them on social networking sites from the days before they had surgery, when they were natural, but I didn’t do it out of spite, I did it to show people their natural beauty and because of some very ugly comments they had made about my photos and my teeth.”

“They were all friends and Miss Munoz willingly got into their car,” Yeimi’s lawyer alleges. “The personal injuries were mutual. My clients were also attacked.”

I don’t know who if Yeimi and Claudia are innocent, but they’re guilty of being ridiculously hot.

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