Slow-Motion Video Of Hot Chick Shot In The Butt With Pizza Is Truly Food Porn

by 2 years ago

It all began with an incredibly avant garde proposition, “What if gummy bears were fired from a cannon into the plump derriere of a very attractive woman, filmed and played back in slow-motion for all to enjoy every single jiggling ass cheek?” The dream became a reality when My Rules Media released the titillating masterpiece aptly titled, “Hot Girl Shot In The Butt With Gummy Bears.”

But, why should the slow-motion be confined to sugary candy? They pushed themselves to be more creative and topical by blasting hot dogs into a scrumptious ass for the 4th of July. Patriotic as fuck.

But, what about the health-conscious individuals who are turned off by hot dogs because of they are processed meats dripping with nitrates? My Rules Media answered the call with a very natural butt bombardment of strawberries.

But, healthy foods can be boring after awhile, so they paid homage to one of the greatest foods known to man… PIZZA! And they even splurged for pepperoni! This tantalizing food porn of glorious, cheesy, greasy, pizza hurtling through the air until smashing into a delightful dumper at 5,000 frames-per-second will make you hungry, cause you to salivate and make your pants shrink. Not many videos can achieve all three. I want a pizza dat.

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