31-Year-Old Porn Star Mysteriously Divorces 72-Year-Old Millionaire Only Months After Marriage, Returns To Porn

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Last October, I brought you the real-life Pretty Woman-esque story of how a porn star fell in love with a 72-year-old man, who just so happened to be filthy rich. What are the odds!?!? They got married despite their 41-year age difference. Well, it turns out that true love is dead because the doting couple is getting a divorce. Shocking, I know. Famous Thai porn star Nong Nat is getting a divorce from her millionaire businessman, Harold Nesland.

Nong Nat, who’s actual name is Natkejsarin Chaichaleamphol, said, “Me and Harold are separated now. He doesn’t want a divorce but I’ll start the proceedings.”

Can you blame ole Harold for not wanting to get a divorce? He’s 72-years-old and rocks white socks nearly up to his knees like it was 1999 and he was Keith Van Horn on the New Jersey Nets.

Nong Nat complained that they rarely had sex because she feared that all that fucking him would give her hubby a heart attack.

Riiiiiiiiiight. You didn’t want to jump all over Harold’s pud because you feared killing him and getting all of his money. Right.

Nong Nat quit the porn industry in 2012 after converting to Buddhism. But it appears that she lost her Saddha or her faith in her religion because she plans on returning to the adult industry.

“I’m having a breast operation, it will help me with work. I won’t do adult movies, they’re only what I was involved in when I was young,” she said. “But I’m going back to do sexy films and photographs. There’s a magazine deal arranged and sexy shows.”

Tough luck for Harold. Good news is that you can always check out her sexy Instagram snaps or fap to her videos like the rest of us.

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