A Super Bowl Edition of the Hottie Index

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missy modell

5. Missy Modell
It’s always good to see the locals getting behind their teams and even better when celebrities get in on the act too. The ginger Modell got into the act this week by remixing a Calvin Harris-Rihanna song and making it her own with Giants-related lyrics. If the G-Men win on Sunday, it could become the anthem of the city for a couple weeks. Or at least that’s what she’s hoping, in order to slingshot her career. At least she can always fall back on those long stems of hers. 

jenny dell

4. Jenny Dell
NESN really knows how to pick their female on-air talent. Historically they’ve had Kathryn Tappen and Heidi Watney and now they’re moving on to Dell. Dell obviously felt obstructed on the ESPN totem pole by Erin Andrews and Jenn Brown, so she jumped ship. It’s not a bad idea to dominate the Boston market after the acclaim that Tappen and Watney garnered. But with Gronk banged up, can she play tight end?

tehmeena afzal

3. Tehmeena Afzal
It appears that being hot and doing something big during the Super Bowl build up is a good way to get attention. One way to kill the time is looking at Afzal’s photo shoot and video of her covered in Giants body paint. By the way, Missy, body paint definitely wins over remixing a song…

adriana lima

2. Adriana Lima
We all love Super Bowl commercials. We all love Adriana Lima. Therefore, I’m sure we’ll all love Lima in not one, but two Super Bowl commercials. Both Kia and Telefora have chosen Lima to be in the spotlight of their ads this Sunday. The real question is, will we remember that it was Kia and Telefora in a couple weeks or will we just remember how hot Lima was? My guess is the latter.

gisele bundchen

1. Gisele Bundchen
Words of encouragement from your wife or girlfriend are nice… in the bedroom. They’re kind of embarrassing when they come a week before the Super Bowl in a mass email to friends and family. I’m not sure how they do things in Brazil, but Gisele decided to embarrass the f*ck out of husband Tom Brady with an email that eventually got leaked by the Post. The rat who leaked it was obviously a Giants fan.

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