Teenagers Apparently Sharing Their Email and Facebook Passwords with Girlfriends and Boyfriends

By 01.18.12

Never, ever share your email or Facebook password with your girlfriend.

We don't care how long you've been dating, how long you've lived together, how many times she's brushed her teeth while you took a shit. We don't care if you've never cheated on her or have no plans to cheat on her. Unless your email or Facebook messaging contains absolutely no trace of your life existing prior to meeting this girl, you should never share your password with her. Even in that case, we're not sure you should.

Just don't do it. Got it? Got it.

Sound Off in the Comments if you disagree — you might as well leave your Facebook password in there, because giving it to the entire BroBible readership would pretty much be just as bad as giving it your girlfriend.

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