The 10 Biggest Chick Magnets

By 12.09.10

2. Lax Stick
If a girl sees you out with your lax wand, she knows you’re a Bro.  Throw in some mid-calves and a pinnie, and you’re good to go. Lacrosse players also have reputations for having great parties around college campuses, so she’ll definitely want to be involved in some of your parties, too.  

3. Nice Ride
Depending on where in the country you live, and what type of girl you want to attract, this can mean different things. If you’re in Texas and trying to hook up with a rancher’s daughter, you’ve got to go with a jacked-up pick-up truck. Other girls go for guys with fast cars, while others are looking for a guy with that nice SUV. Either way, every girl wants a guy with a nice whip.

4. Guitar
Girls love it when a guy can play the guitar for them. They’ll think it sweet and romantic that he’s capable of playing a tune for her. Being good enough at guitar will help you go from playing G chords to playing with G spots.

5. Surf Board
Girls love to hang out on the beach and tan in their bikinis, so seeing a guy with a surf board instantly tells them that he's a bank robbery away from point-breaking their hearts.
6. Keg
Everyone knows that the keg is the most frequently visited spot at a party. Getting a spot by the keg means girls will be coming around often. At the same time, the girls know that if they get on your good side, they will get more beer faster. Control the keg, control the girls.

7. Hockey Stick
Similar to laxers' wands, hockey players' sticks and pads can draw in the girls. They want a guy who is tough, and hockey players certainly have that reputation. Girls get all wet from watching the vicious hip checks and fights, leading to good times in the bedroom later.

8. Fraternity Letters
If a girl knows you’re in a frat, she knows you have connections to get her into the good frat parties. Get her a few drinks and she’ll be swooning all over you all night. Simple as that.

9. A Boat
Having a boat gets a girl’s attention because everyone knows how much fun it is to go out on the boat and drink all day. Boat + babes + bikinis + beer = good times.

10. Confidence
While this isn’t actually something you can go to the store and buy, it's obvious if you have it or not. If you don’t have confidence, you have nothing. I can’t tell you how to get it, but I can tell you that if you don’t have it, you better get it.

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