The Daily Buzz for January 3, Presented by Ana Beatriz Barros

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Required Reading
Funny, Random, etc.
  • The best don't drink and drive ads. [EgoTV]
  • Beer served from the bottom up; utterly amazing. [F-Listed]
  • Beer Locator. [Midwestern Gentleman]
  • The Fail of the Day [One Quick Beer]
  • Always Sunny is Coming Back, and I'm Stoked [The Chive]
  • 25 Best Drake Verses of 2010 [Complex]
  • You Might Be a redneck: Sledding with an ATV lands a man in jail, boy in hospital (Video) [PTTM]
  • How to Make That Resolution Stick [JAGT]
  • Which is the Best Jordan Sneaker Ever? [Hoop Doctors]
  • A Visual History of Daft Punk's Helmets [Banned in Hollywood]
  • 15 pictures of oblivious celebrities picking their noses. [Regretful Morning]
  • VIRAL VIDEO: The completely honest therapist. [Linkiest]

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