The Sexuality Is Quite Fierce in This Week’s Hottie Index

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How do you not start this week’s Hottie Index with Beyoncé? She obviously tore down the house at the Super Bowl halftime show with music actually created in the last 10 years (a novel concept for recent Super Bowl halftime shows) and her looks. Girls were turning to their significant others and saying how hot Beyoncé looked. Guys in turn wondered if maybe their dream of a threesome was actually possible. There was some question of whether or not there was a nipple slip fiasco, but I don’t think things went that far. It did, however, make things more entertaining when her publicist asked for certain screencaps to be removed from the internet.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

It’s been 15 years since “Can’t hardly Wait” was in theatres and we haven’t seen much of Jennifer Love Hewitt since then. Sure she was in the TV show “Ghost Whisperer” and the movie “Garfield,” but who actually watched that shit. The paparazzi pictures surfaced of her getting chubby and a whole generation of America’s youth was unable to fully embrace the legend of Jennifer Love Bombs. (Quite a nickname, but I always thought there was some padding in there compared to what you see when she’s wearing a lot less clothing.” Now she’s back as a rub-and-tug masseuse for the “The Client List,” which airs on Lifetime. I don’t think I’ll me flipping to Lifetime anytime soon or else my man card would be revoked, but Love Hewitt does have this wonderful music video to promote it. The legend is back. Amanduh!

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Jessica Alba
Alba is another name who’s fallen off the map. Alba was a force early last decade, but she’s not been involved in as many things recently. She had a couple babies, so that obviously impacted her career. It’s possible the babies are done and she’s ready to reestablish herself. Ok, her latest pictorial is in Women’s Health and not Esquire or GQ, but she’s still looking pretty fresh and clean. Jessica, it’s good to have you back.

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J. Marie (photo above)
The 49ers weren’t able to complete the comeback to win the Super Bowl. I’m sure Colin Kaepernick will be frustrated for a while about what could have been. I’m also sure he’ll be able to get over things pretty soon since his new girlfriend, J. Marie, looks pretty damn fine. The offseason definitely won’t seem as long as it could’ve been.

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Carly Baker
The UFC is crossing the pond and that means European Octagon girls! Baker has been assigned as the first to do the job at next Saturday’s UFC event at Wembley. She models, acts, sings, and dances, but who knows which of those things she actually does well. But her looks are free and rather enjoyable since it’s not a PPV for this UFC title fight.

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