This Week’s Hottie Index Helps You Kill Time Until Turkey Week

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Keira Knightley

The 27-year-old English Knightley has many redeeming qualities as we saw in her photo shoot for Allure this week: she’s got a great face, a tight ass, and some shapely legs. Her tits may leave something to be desired, but we’d all gladly take our turns getting in in with her. Knightley admirably is willing to admit that she lacks a top shelf and she’s ok with it. She actually gets upset when photographers use photoshop on your measly milk cannons because these photographers have a tendency to make them look droopy. Like her, we’ll take a perk pair of some pancakes any day.


Maybe there are too many magazine awards out there, but we’re willing to acknowledge Rihanna’s title as GQ's “Obsession of the Year.” Whether it be the on again, off again scenario with Chris Brown or her propensity to show skin, Rihanna seems to always wind up on the internet. Her two month old tattoo under her cleavage is an odd place to put one (although it’s nice of her to recognize her grandmother who passed away), but we’re not going to complain that it gets exposed on many an occasion.

Nadine Velazquez

“The League” is one of my favorite shows on television because it combines a sitcom with the ever-loved fantasy football. Therefore it was much to by surprise and approval that I saw screen caps of Velasquez, aka Sofia Ruxin, baring everything she has in the recent release of “Flight.” What made the scene even better is that the it didn’t get “Rafi bombed.”

Divya Anantharaman

Starting to watch the video on the “Taxidermy Babe” is something I’d advise doing after you eat rather than before. It gets a little gruesome. It’s amazing someone so attractive can deal with such an unattractive profession. Anantharaman’s taste on fashion is a little odd as well. We’d prefer her believe in the always useful “less is more” theory in that space as opposed to the opposite.

Selena Gomez

Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart think Gomez and Justin Bieber break up too much. It seemed like the final shoe dropped for Gomez last weekend when she cut loose on Bieber. Then they met up a few times this week, but their last encounter led to a fight at an L.A. restaurant. Maybe Gomez is finally tired of dating a dude who looks like a lesbian midget. If the breakup holds, expect Gomez to do a lot of things with very little clothing, just to rub things in Bieber’s little face.

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