We’re Showing Some Skin in This Week’s Hottie Index

By 09.22.13

Katherine Webb

A.J. McCarron has a lot going for him between leading the dominant Alabama team and having Webb by his side. (He’s got a hot mom too, but that’s for us to enjoy more than him.) Word leaked this week, however, that there was some trouble in paradise with Webb and McCarron. Webb is denying that anything’s wrong. Is that because she caught McCarron dogging around with another coed. (There’s obviously plenty of tail at Alabama to go around.) We’re not sure, but we don’t appreciate being teased that Webb’s single and might start going around like a whore on social media to make McCarron mad.

Victoria Azarenka

Serena Williams owns Azarenka when it comes to U.S. Open finals, but can she twerk as well as Azarenka? Azarenka and her unknown friend put together a twerking video on Instagram this week. Redfoo must love lying in bed with Azarenka giving him the business like that.

Penelope Cruz (pictured at the top)

Approaching the age of 40 hasn’t done anything to damper Cruz’s looks. Cruz has been nude in movies before, but it’s never a bad thing when she decides to show a little skin. The paparazzi were tracking her on vacation and caught her with her top 10. Being topless is probably second nature to the Spanish beauty given the culture over there, so we’re sure she’s not ashamed.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Another milf approaching 40, Lee seems to always be seen in a bikini. The fitness model obviously wants to show off her body, but she likely didn’t intend to show as much of it as we saw this week. A wardrobe malfunction led to lee showing a full cheek of her ass when exiting the pool. She’ll claim that only the glute exercises that she endorses can give you such a full and round butt.

Nina Davuluri

Another year, another Miss America. Davuluri won this year’s competition on Monday night in Atlantic City. The New Yorker is the first Indian-American to ever win the competition. She beat out Miss California for the title with her all-natural physique. We know it’s all-natural because she spoke out against plastic surgery during the competition. I’m not sure she’ll hold that same stance when her body falls apart in 20 years, but for now we’ll congratulate her on a job well done.

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