3-in-1 Banana Split Tool: For those who hate peeling bananas

By 11.15.12

I’m a firm believer in avoiding collecting crap in your kitchen. Kitchen gadgets are the five-dollar DVD of Christmas gifts: They’re something you don’t buy for yourself, but for other people that you don’t know very well but owe a gift to.

banana split tool

Amco Houseworks

That said, if you have a coworker who is insanely finicky about his or her food, this 3-in-1 Banana Split Tool might really be worth the eight bucks to shut them up.

It’s essentially a banana slicer on steroids. First, you use the serrated edge at the end to chop off the stem, and peel it if you want it whole. Or if you’re making a banana split, you can run it through the wire edge, cutting it in half.

Once you’ve peeled your banana, just press the slicer on it and you’ve got banana slices for your cereal.

Yeah, it sounds fussy, and finicky, and it seems like a gimmick.

But if you’ve got somebody in your office who wipes their keyboard after every use, you’ve just found the perfect Secret Santa gift for them.

3-in-1 Banana Split Tool [Amco Houseworks]

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