39-pound cat, equivalent of 600-pound human, available for adoption

by 6 years ago

Meet Meow. The completely uncreatively-named cat is two years old and weights 39 pounds, over 25 pounds heavier than he should be for his age. He was turned over to animal control by his 87-year-old owner. Watch his struggle.

What kind of a shithead old person do you have to be to make your two-year-old cat three times the size he should be? He looks like a throw rug at this point. You couldn’t have cut down his portions a bit 20 pounds ago? I just wish the old woman had kept Meow long enough for him to eat her when she inevitably dies in the next month or so. If he’s going to be fat, there should at least be a Tales from the Crypt-ish ironic upside.

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