10 shocking quotes from the ’30 for 30: Broke’ documentary

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ESPN’s popular 30 for 30 series aired ‘Broke’ last night. A fascinating and yet depressing look at the financial realities many athletes face. Here are the ten most shocking quotes.

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“I cashed my first check in the NFL at a cashing joint—uh, I think they laughed at me.”
~Bart Scott



“The black AMEX card showed up in a James Bond briefcase—and I wrote a check for a 106/108 thousand bucks for one month. And I about threw up.”
~Sean Salisbury



“I had an injury settlement of sixty thousand dollars, six of it my wife got in child support. Instead of me putting the money away, the Hummer had just come out. And I drive by and I see it and uh, I take the fifty-four thousand I have and I work out a deal with the guy and I pay fifty grand cash for the Hummer. Because I had to have it.”
~Leon Searcy



“And my entourage went from five to ten to twenty to thirty to forty, actually.”
~Andre Rison



“I have one client who came to me and said that he was approached by a friend of his to take the areas that flood often and take something where you can put the furniture in this plastic, blow it up and if a flood came, your furniture would float down the river unharmed and you could pick it up somewhere down the road. This way it would be protected. He was approached to invest in that.”
~Ed Butowsky



“Remember one point, seeing 60-some different cell phones. I know I only used one.”
~Bernie Kosar



“My business manager got a call from Fila who was interested in signing me. Fila threw in a Ferrari as a signing bonus. So at the age of 20-years-old, I got a Ferrari in a one car garage that I can’t drive because I can’t drive a stick.”
~Jamal Mashburn



“The minimum wage in the NFL in 1977 was 14,500.”
~Herm Edwards



“I cashed my first paycheck and got it in twenty dollar bills and took it back to my hotel room and laid on my hotel bed and watched TV and ordered room service. And I thought I would never be able to spend all the money I had in the room at that time.”
~Curt Schilling



“He tells me he decided to build this 52,000 sq foot home on the property and I said ‘what’ and he said ‘oh it’s great, I can do anything, I have two bowling alleys blah blah.’ I said can we cut it in half, the house, I said you don’t need two bowling alleys.”
~Shelley Finkel on Evander Holyfield


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