7 hilarious moments from the Dream Team documentary

by 6 years ago
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The Dream Team documentary aired last night and it was fantastic. But it was not without some hilarious moments. Here are some of our favorites.

(NBATV screenshot)

The college all-stars and the Dream Team played a scrimmage. The college guys won, mostly because Duke point guard Bobby Hurley scared them away with his braces.

(NBATV screenshot)

For a moment, let's ignore Scottie Pippen's ridiculous outfit and instead focus on him filming topless women in Monte Carlo. He just oozes class.

(NBATV screenshot)

There was an intrasquad scrimmage and nobody wanted Duke's Christian Laettner on their team. They weren't shy about it either.

The always animated Magic Johnson describes a no-look pass he threw in the most Magic Johnson way possible.

John Stockton walks down Barcelona's most famous street and not a single person recognized him.

Not surprisingly, Charles Barkley was the star of the documentary with his epic one-liners. Just a sample:

"Larry Bird drinks Budweiser and Budweiser is the strongest beer in the world."
"I don't know anything about Angola, but Angola's in trouble."
"People always say turn the other cheek. If you turn the other cheek, I’m gonna hit you in the other cheek too."
"This is like spring break in the ghetto."
"Well I had just flunked my entrance exam to go into kindergarten."

(NBATV screenshot)

Getting all the guys with their gold medal was a great idea. Unfortunately, some of them were really cheesy. We'll let you decide which was the worst.

(NBATV screenshot)

(NBATV screenshots)

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