7 of Oprah’s most memorable sports moments

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Oprah Winfrey is arguably the most successive talk show host of all-time. With over 4,000 episodes since 1986, Oprah has interviewed everyone from presidents, to singers, to actors, and even her fair share of athletes. So as Oprah’s last show is aired today, let’s take a look back at some of her more memorable moments with sports figures.

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7 Oprah tries to wipe off Drew Brees’ birthmark

After a stunning win in Super Bowl XLIV over the Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints quarter Drew Brees hit the talk show circuit. Although, not necessarily a household name, Brees was considered one of the more recognizable quarterbacks the last few years in the NFL. Apparently though, Oprah’s staff did not do their homework. Watch as she mistakes Brees’ infamous birthmark for some lipstick.

6 Charles Barkley surprises Michael Jordan

For most of the 80’s and 90’s, Oprah and Michael Jordan were the King and Queen of Chicago. Naturally, the two got along great and despite Jordan’s reluctance to do many interviews, he did appear on Oprah a few times (he’s even rumored to be on her last show). One of the more entertaining moments was when gambling buddy Charles Barkley surprised MJ by modeling some of his Air Jordan outfits.


5 Marion Jones opens up about her “mistakes”

At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney Australia, Marion Jones pulled off one of the most incredible feats for a female athlete by winning five medals in track and field. Years later, rumors abounded that she was associated with Victor Conte and the infamous BALCO lab and suddenly, the world came crashing down. After serving 6 months in a federal prison for perjury, check fraud and use of illegal drugs, Jones spoke to Oprah about the ordeal. Unfortunately, her lies continued on as she conveniently forgets what Conte gave her.

4 Serena Williams gives Oprah a pedicure

Serena Williams has spent almost all her formidable years playing tennis. It’s literally the only thing she did as a youth because her father Richard pushed her and her sister Venus so hard to excel in the sport. But on Oprah last year, Serena revealed that she another secret love—doing nails. And she gave the talk show host a pedicure on her show. Unless your name is Rex Ryan, I suggest skipping this video.

3 Michael Vick cancels appearance on Oprah

Not many decline interviews with the queen of daytime television–certainly many don’t cancel appearances less than 10 days out. But earlier this year, Michael Vick did exactly that after the Philadelphia Eagles and some of his PR people changed their mind about the message it would send. Oprah had asked Vick to come on to talk about his 18-month prison term for dogfighting and his attempts to revamp his image. But reportedly, a few weeks beforehand, Vick’s agent had found out that Oprah had a $320 wager with Piers Morgan about who could land the football star first. A misstep by both Winfrey and the Vick PR team.

2 Greg Louganis comes out, talks about being HIV positive

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis appeared on Oprah in 1995 to talk about his HIV positive status and to admit to the world that he was gay. It was not the first time a major athlete had come out to admit his sexual status, but it was one of the first times someone did it in front of a live studio audience.


1 Erin Andrews talks to Oprah about the infamous peephole video

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews appeared on the Oprah show only months after a terrible incident involving a peephole video. The video, taken by a man named Michael Barrett, found its way to the internet in July of 2009 and became one of the most searched topics on Google for months afterwards. Andrews told Oprah, “I kept screaming: ‘I’m done. My career is over. I’m done. Get it off. Get it off the Internet,'” she says. “They thought I was physically injured, [that’s] how bad I was screaming.”


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