7 tips for getting a second date

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Second Date Tips

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Almost all single women will accept an invitation to go on a date provided the guy isn’t a registered sex offender or Michael Lohan. However getting that elusive “yes” to a second date can often be more of a challenge. Never have to hear “work is just so busy right now” again by reading these 7 tips.

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7 Call us within a few days

We come home from a first date, go about our normal routine, update our Facebook status to “he’s the one,” and wait for you to call. Every time our phone buzzes, beeps, and rings we pray it’s from you. And every time it’s not from you and it’s just our mom to calling to ask if we’re still single, we die a little bit more inside. And then we start to get over you. So when you call a month later thinking we’ll be chomping at the bit to say yes, we’ve already moved onto waiting for another guy to call us back.

6 Compliment us at dinner

It never hurts to say something nice to us at dinner. It could be about our personality, our looks, or our choice of entree. We’ll walk home floating on air after you tell us our choice of roasted chicken was the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen a woman order. However, don’t go over board and spend the entire meal mouthing “you’re fucking sexy” across the table. Nothing makes us lose our appetite and your number faster than overkill.

5 Share the conversation

We know you’re the most interesting person in the entire world and we’re lucky to even be engaging in a conversation with you. But have a little modesty and pause in your life history for a second to ask us about ourselves. No one ever gets a second date by spending the entire conversation reciting their lines from their understudy position in the school play.

4 Don’t Facebook us before the first date

If it’s a blind date and we’ve never met before, do not friend us before the date. Not only is it slightly creepy, but it gives us too big of an opportunity to analyze your profile and pick out all of your flaws ahead of time. You don’t want us spending the whole first date preoccupied that one of your interests was “banging hookers on the weekends. lol.”

3 Stay in the present

The furthest in the future you should go in our hypothetical relationship is asking if there’s going to be a second date. While we both may be picturing wonderful futures together full of romantic dates, weekend getaways, and wild threesomes, neither of us should say it aloud. There’s still a chance that we’re debating if we like you and nothing will mess it up faster than you asking us to go in on a summer timeshare in North Dakota.

2 Be polite to the servers

You can be a complete gentleman to us and charm us with your door-opening and chair-holding skills. But all of that will be forgotten when you whistle for the waiter and demand that he recook your steak because you asked for medium rare and not well fucking done. You’ll impress us by treating the waiter like a human being and not accusing him of spitting in your food after you asked for bread basket #7.

1 Be discrete about your intentions

While it’s not out of line to assume that the date is going to end with sex, it is distasteful to spell that out mid-date. Saying “let’s go back to your place and do it” while we’re ordering our first drink makes us worry you slipped in a roofie. If it happens, it happens, but trying to feel us up in the middle of the bar and loudly proclaiming that you want to rip off our clothes as we eat our appetizers will not make it happen.

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