These 80s frat bros at Duke will make you wish you could have gone to college then

By 01.16.14

A bunch of frat guys from Duke’s Sigma Chi chapter played a game of “beer frisbee” and documented it in faux journalistic style. The result, 30 years after it went down, will make you wish you could have been an 80s college bro.

I suppose the main downside of this video is that, while they seem to be having the drunkest most sluringest fun ever, there is nary a vagina to be found, let alone an attractive one. But you know what, man, maybe these 80s guys were just broing so hard that they didn’t even need sex or women. Just enjoying each other’s company in totally not gay ways, getting all of their fulfillment from sense of self, camaraderie, and drinking themselves into a stupor while wearing KISS makeup were enough to satiate their needs. Mostly the latter.

(via BroBible)

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