9 things the PGA should ban instead of long putters

by 5 years ago
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Golf's governing body banned long/belly putters today. Perhaps they should have looked into banning these things as well. Take a look.

As you're probably well aware, Miguel Angel Jimenez is the most interesting man in the world. And when the most interesting man in the world does his pre-game stretch routine, the ladies drop their panties. That's no place for children to be around.

Setting white people back for generations.


Have you ever seen a golf cart drink guy? Oh, you haven't? Well, I have and let me tell ya, when you're expecting some hot little number to pour you a shot and you get Joe Bob's buttcrack in your face, it'll ruin your round. Also, tangibly related, this might happen if a girl's behind the wheel---and that would probably make your day.

Lest some poor soul suffer the same fate as Happy Gilmore's, Chubbs Peterson.


Is it stylish? Perhaps. Is it a fashion statement? Maybe. Will it lead to the Jungle Bird videobombing your ceremony presentation? Certainly.

Hooters tour


Just a matter of principle.

An ugly reminder that those aholes across the Atlantic came back to beat us on Sunday.

Kenny G golf


I mean, really, why is he even at these things?

a) he's not a celebrity
b) he's a haven for lice


YouTube/Orion Pictures

Groundskeepers like Carl Spackler deserve a break from those wretched vermin.

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