A Great Lakes brouhaha involving Browns and Bills fans

By 09.24.12

Hear ye, hear ye degenerate football fans across America. If you witness a brawl in the stands, do us all a favor and kindly position your phone horizontally. Lest we miss crucial details like fans walloping each other with haymakers while tumbling down stairs.

In this week’s version of NFL fight night, we have Bills fans vs. Browns fans. A blue collar kind of scuffle that escalates quickly when some words are exchanged with a female. In the midst of the fight, a large woman donned in a Chris Spielman jersey (seriously he played there for one year) tries to break it up but exits stage left when somebody hands her a candy bar.

Anyways, there’s no clear winner in this fight and the cities of Cleveland and Buffalo can both keep their titles of “Mistake by the Lake.” Congrats guys!

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