A sexual positions app is the last thing you need

by 5 years ago

I often joke about products being “sexual kryptonite,” because they’re incredibly dorky, but really, no matter how stupid something is, it’s unlikely to get a woman to not consider giving you the time of day.



If she sees Kama Sutra sexual positions as an app on your Android, though, she might reconsider.

Why? Two reasons:

First of all, the very best scenario here is that you are completely innocent of the touch of woman. Seriously. If she thinks you’re a virgin, you’re getting off light, because the alternative is that she thinks that you look at sex positions on your phone in the subway. If an app has a potential date thinking “Virgin or Sex Offender,” it needs to not be on your phone.

Secondly, most of these apps are either based off the Kama Sutra, which is contrary to popular belief not an Indian joy of sex but mostly a marriage manual with instructions on how to talk to hookers (seriously) or blindingly obvious.

Just do what the rest of us do: Conduct your research through incognito browsing sessions.

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