A Tumblr exists that is called ‘Women In Pain In Games’

By 12.20.12

And sorry, but this Women In Pain In Games Tumblr is kind of hot. Just joking! Maybe.



Courtesy of Kotaku comes womeninpainingames.tumblr.com. As one might expect, it features audio from certain games. In particular, ones in which female characters are all getting punched/kicked/stabbed/shot at.

And the point (as if it actually needs to be explained) is to show how said women, who are supposed to sound as if they’re in pain, all appear to be in the throes of passion. Which should most certainly appeal to certain dudes out there. But not to me, of course.

Is it fairly creepy? Yes. Is it somewhat sexist? Most definitely. Is it all very Internet? Duh. By the way, the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sound-byte is by far the most ridiculous. And yes, I listened to them all (there’s only six on the page, thus far).

And for everyone’s information, I follow about two-dozen other Tumblrs that are about 50 times crazier. But don’t we all? Anyhow, to cleanse one’s palette, here’s another that’s all about another favorite of mine: garlic bread. Now this is hawt



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