Absolut X marries art, cocktails, and music

by 5 years ago


Instead of simply pushing their spirits, Absolut is trying to create incredible experiences that go far beyond just having a drink. That’s the goal of their new endeavor, ABSOLUT X.

From Andy Warhol to Swedish House Mafia, ABSOLUT Vodka has always pioneered exciting creative collaborations. With the launch of ABSOLUT X, the brand is exploring new territory by bringing together artists from three different disciplines – music, art, and mixology to create exceptional live and digital experiences. These never-before seen artistic endeavors are created in complete collaboration with our partners.

Much like Stoli’s “original moments” campaign, Absolut is changing the way we look at marketing. It may seem like vodka has nothing to do with music and art, but the feelings they evoke all come from the same place. The world isn’t just shots, memes, and Katy Perry. There’s nothing wrong with a vodka and Redbull, and I snicker at Drunk Nate Silver, but there is a time and place for to experience something more than that. It’s essential to immerse yourself in creative culture to fully realize what the world has to offer.

Absolut has joined forces with musicians Holy Ghost!, artist Nick Cave, and mixologist Lynn House to create a one time experience in Chicago this week, but they are highlighting even more creative talents on their website. From Todd Selby’s unique personal portraits to the Dyskograf creating music from a sequence of hand-drawn shapes, it’s easy to find inspiration in the energy of others.

If you need that creative kick, take a minute to explore the talent on AbsolutX.com.


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