London man sets record for most money spent in a nightclub

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Alex Hope, a 23-year old trader from London, has set the record for biggest bar tab in the world. He spent $321,000 at PlayGround Nightclub in Liverpool, including almost $200k on a 30-liter bottle (more than a quarter-barrel) of Armand de Brignac champagne AKA the Ace of Spades.

The £204,000 bill, including an £18,500 tip, is thought to be the highest ever paid in a club, beating the £170,000 paid last June by professional US gambler Don Johnson at the One For One nightclub in London’s Park Lane.

We’ve all paid a ridiculous tab at some point in our life. Depending on your situation, it could have been $200 or it could have been $2000, but we’ve all done it. I’ve been present in Vegas for a bill that nearly demanded a change of pants, but thankfully I was not held responsible. The one thing that sets us apart from Hope, aside from our checking accounts, is that most of us left our sunglasses at home while we were overpaying for things. That we were only douches on a singular level. I guess when you are rich enough to drop this much money on booze for other people, you are allowed to make a dark room even darker.

Hope also ordered a further 40 75cl bottles of Armand de Brignac – the Champagne endorsed by rapper Jay-Z, and handed them out to single women in the club.

One clubber observed: “He didn’t seem to be drinking a lot and looked totally sober.”

Clubs are notorious for sending women to your tables to drink all of your booze, but that wasn’t even the case with this guy. He was freely handing out mini bottles of champagne. I’m not sure if that’s an awesome move or a desperate one. Any ladies that happen to make their way here please weigh in. Speaking of ladies, they were apparently the best deal of the night. If you look at the bill, “pussy” was only £3 a piece.

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