A headline about Amanda Seyfried, a dog, and sexual assault is a fitting capper to 2013

by 4 years ago

TMZ is known for ratcheting up controversy wherever possible. But this headline involving Amanda Seyfried’s dog? Oof.

An innocent situation of Amanda Seyfried’s dog trying to assert its dominance? OR RAPE? TMZ wants to know.

tmz rape


The story went up at noon today and it’s already setting Twitter on fire with people who are decidedly not too stoked about the non-story being padded with the word rape.

Either way, have to respect that “Amanda Seyfried dog rape photo” URL slug. I’m going to put that in our URL on this post, too. Let’s all get on that Amanda Seyfried dog rape photo cash gravy train now. Why buy stocks when the Amanda Seyfried dog rape photo marketplace is so hot.

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