Amir Johnson has an epic meltdown; throws mouthpiece at ref

By 12.11.12

All those years hanging out with Sheed in Detroit finally paid off Amir Johnson. The forward had an epic meltdown last night after he tried wrestling the ball away from a ref. Following his ejection he added insult to injury by throwing his mouthpiece at him. After the game Amir was apologetic (I think).

“I guess the ref didn’t let me have the ball so we kind of got into a tug of war. No words were really said and he rejected me out of the game and I kind of lost my cool from there. My teammates know me, my parents know me. … I never lose my cool. I never said anything to a ref or got mad. The only techs I’ve gotten were for hanging on the rim or slapping the backboard. I think it was just really childish. It was something that didn’t need to happen. I lost my cool and I apologize on my part.”

Just so we’re clear, wrestling the ball away from a ref is probably a bad idea.

Also a bad idea? Throwing things that were in your mouth. This also includes gum and tic-tacs.

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