A peek behind the perfectly unique Anchor Christmas Ale label

by 5 years ago

Anchor Christmas Ale has a unique label each every year, and every single one was impressively hand-drawn by one man. This is a fun look Jim Stitt, the man behind the branding.

Beer labels are often overlooked unless they are something absurd, like Pipeworks’ “Ninja Vs Unicorn,” or their followup, “Blood of the Unicorn.” Yes, it appears as though the ninjas were victorious. I can’t think of anything further from ninja fights than pulling a Bob Ross and drawing happy little trees on a houseboat. There’s something peaceful about the Anchor Christmas Ale. Of course a label means nothing if not backed by a great beer. Thankfully Anchor’s Christmas Ale is no slouch. Grab the 2012’s Norfolk Island pine adorned bottle quickly though, because it’s only available for a limited time.


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