Another gamer forgets his web cam before getting dirty

by 5 years ago

Unlike that other gamer, this one wasn’t just jerking it, but had actual sex with his girlfriend. Who might now be his ex-girlfriend.


Via Kotaku: after livestreaming a session of World of Warcraft, some fellow who goes by Murda Ralph decided to have sex with his gal pal. And just like Slooshi before him, he forgot to turn off his webcam, and thus shared his indiscretion to a captive audience online.

But unlike the previous incident, all is not back to normal for Ralph. His Twitch channel was shut down and remains so for the time being. And whereas Smooshi only embarrassed himself, another person was involved here.

Murda Ralph’s lady is apparently livid at her man for being such a forgetful idiot, according his Q&A on Reddit. And most people on that end, shockingly, are calling him a dumbass and asking why he even got a AMA in the first place.

Also not surprisingly, the footage has been yanked, but Ralph posted this clip on a newly christened YouTube channel (since his normal digs are no more, I’m assuming). Which is of the morning after; you can catch a glimpse of his fair lady in the very beginning.

And… well, she’s not my type, at the very least. By the way, fast-forward to the 3:00 mark where Ralph realizes that he messed up. Though if you absolutely need more details, just poke around the aforementioned Reddit link for a screencap and animated gif of the deed in action.

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