Apophis Thumb Drive: Because you need a space rock USB stick

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There is quite literally nothing more annoying than “vanity gadgets.” These are ridiculously expensive devices designed not to actually work but to show off how rich the person using it is. Items like diamond-studded Blackberrys or gold-plated iPads basically exist to deprive people who are both very rich and very stupid of their money.


ZaNa Design

The bright side is that the Apophis thumb drive is unlikely to be made obsolete any time soon. It is still, however, tacky.

Basically, if you want to flaunt your wealth and store 64GB of data, a Polish company will be happy to help you. Their thumb drives, which are technologically just like any other USB 3.0 thumb drive you can get in an Office Depot for sixty bucks, feature a body made of African Black Wood, a slice of real meteorite embedded in it.

Also a diamond and either silver or gold accents, because nothing says taste like overkill. The tawdry silver version costs $1130, and the classier gold costs $1990. Or you could get the sixty buck drive, tape off the USB part, and spray paint it gold! Not only is it cheaper, it will still send everyone who sees it the exact same message about your personality!

Apophis [ZaNa Design]

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