Apparently fruit bats are super into oral sex

By 04.01.13

Previous studies have shown that fruit bats enjoy a beej just as much as the next guy. But a new study shows that they also partake in cunnilingus, one of precious few members of the animal kingdom to do so. Helpful video of a fruit bat tongue bath is included.

The fruit bat proclivity for mouth work is explained by Nat Geo:

“[Researchers] saw the bats mate 57 times, most of which involved a brief amount of penetration bracketed by longer bouts of cunnilingus. The male would fluff up his penis and sidle over to a nearby female. He craned his neck over and licked her vagina for up to a minute, mounted her for around 15 seconds, and returned to 2.5 minutes of cunnilingus.

“The actual sex isn’t exactly lengthy, but as in the short-nosed fruit bat, the flying foxes prolong their liaisons with oral sex. The males bought themselves an extra 2 seconds of penetration if they spent an extra 15 seconds of cunnilingus beforehand.”

Good for the fruit bats, doing whatever they can to give these fruit bat ladies a good time. That said, did I see that fruit bat give his gal some cunnilingus after he finished? That is poor form there, my fruit bat friend. Poor form indeed.

(via io9)

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