Apple will supposedly have a lot of different iPad minis

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Would you like an iPad Mini, despite my best efforts to convince that there is quite literally no reason to buy one? Then good news!

ipad mini

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You’ll have quite a few to choose from! And the most expensive one will cost more than a relatively inexpensive iPad, at least if the rumors are true.

Here’s how it breaks down: Supposedly, the base iPad mini will cost $300 or so. Add $100 to double the storage, putting you all the way up to $600 for 64GB (i.e. dope slap territory), and then lather on another $100 if you, for some reason, want a cellular plan. It all works out to, conservatively, between $700 and $800 for a seven inch tablet. Oh, and it comes in black or white.

Or, in other words, you could just buy an iPad, get the same cellular plan, the same storage, and a larger screen.

I am skeptical that these cost rumors are entirely accurate because, as evil as Apple can be, even they probably do not have the sheer chutzpah it would take to chop three inches off an iPad and demand the same price. But, damn, that is a lot of money for what’s not going to be a lot of tablet.

Report: iPad Mini Prices Leak [Gizmodo]

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