Apps as gifts: How to do it and who to do it for

By 12.03.12

One of the inevitable problems of any holiday season is the fact that we have to buy gifts for people we either barely know, actively dislike, or both. Coworkers, annoying family members you never see, people said annoying family members are banging… they all need gifts.



Gifting an app seems nice, but how do you do it with class?

Here’s the most basic: Buying somebody something digital and giving it to them via the Internet is about as crappy a gift as it gets. Really, you should not do this, but if you have to, send them five bucks of iTunes credit or something.

Far more suitable are physical app store gift cards, which, yes, do exist and can be found in grocery stores and drugstores everywhere. Keep in mind the entire intent of a gift card is to say “Hey, I don’t know you really well, so I got you something to get yourself something at a place I know you like.” In other words, check what brand of smartphone they use before gifting a card.

As for amount, keep it simple: Ten bucks should do it. And remember, if all else fails, tape a nip to it: You can’t go wrong with encouraging somebody to use their phone while drunk, right?

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