‘Are men stupid?’ asks CNN article

By 04.24.12

According to her CNN bio, Frida Ghitis is a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World Politics Review. She’s also an idiot for writing a CNN articled titled ‘Are men stupid?’ Let’s take a look and decide what the real issue at hand might be.


Ghitis’s article focuses primarily on the dalliances of political figures ranging from John Edwards to Anthony Weiner to President Obama’s hooker-loving Secret Service agents and their inability to keep their penises safely covered despite their high-profile professions.

Ghitis goes on to list men ranging from President Clinton to Tiger Woods and their predilection to potentially throw careers and untold millions away for women.

Her argument boils down to this thesis:

But I believe the common denominator, the proximate cause of the irrational behavior, is arrogance; the belief by some powerful men that they can get away with it. That the world is still their unchallenged domain, as it was years ago, when few people knew about a president bringing women to the White House to have sex, as John F. Kennedy did, or pressuring his secretary to yield to sexual advances, as was common. It is willful ignorance that the world has changed.

If we’re being honest, it’s not a bad or even invalid argument to make. The men she references in her piece were idiots for putting a side piece (or several dozen) ahead of their careers and families.

Aggrieved men are currently littering the article’s comments saying the piece “should be called ‘Are women evil?’” The ‘thoughtful’ men’s sites out there act like they’re victims. The more brash ones chalk it up to guys in power still being guys.

Ghitis’ lone response to the controversy of the article is a retweet saying unsympathetically, “Let’s all grow up and realize that not everyone will share your opinion.”

Men are the butt of a lot of jokes these days. The “husband is an idiot” trope on TV shows and commercials regularly tears men down for the sake of moving products or entertainment. But that’s the price you pay for earning more than $500,000 over the course of a lifetime compared to a woman.

The biggest problem isn’t one of men being stupid or even the basic genetic desire of men to be the stallion who mounts the world. It’s that articles can be featured on an otherwise reputable news outlet like CNN only if it’s about successful men.

Would Ghitis write the same article about black culture? Could a male CNN opinions writer pen an article one about some female CEOs failing in business and why that might be happening?

Ghitis can voice her opinion. It can be poorly founded or based on a small sample size. If she wants to say it and someone wants to run it, more power to her. You should be able to mock things or point out the idiocy of a segment of society without people attacking you.

But the question to ask isn’t “Are men stupid?” The better question is “Why are people allowed to shit on only men this openly?”


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