Oregon bartender gets a $17,500 tip in an unplayed Keno ticket

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Aurora Kephart, an Oregon bartender, gets tips in the form of Keno tickets a lot at her job. But one finally paid off to the tune of $17,500.

aurora kephart


Kephart works at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, Ore., a place that the owner says is frequented by a community of regulars.

Kephart told Eugene, Ore. NBC affiliate KMTR that she receives Keno tickets often as tips and just scans them and takes whatever paltry winnings, if any.

But when she scanned this one, it paid out the unexpected $17,500 sum.

Kephart told the customer that he should take the ticket back since it was clearly his winnings. But the customer refused and Kephart will keep the proceeds.

Kephart’s got one big purchase in mind for the winnings.

“I just want new couches,” she told KMTR. “I’ve been shopping for couches, and thought I’d have to wait until Christmas, so it came as perfect timing.”

Super sweet story and good for Aurora Kephart that she’s going to get couches. A couchless life is not one I want to experience.

Still, extremely high odds that the customer telling her to keep the tip probably grit his teeth when she asked, right? Either that or he thought this would give him a snowball’s chance in Hell of banging out poor Aurora. Yeah, definitely the latter. She’s probably the belle of Sprinfield, Oregon.


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