Awkward Spaceship presents Roland Ballance, the Eggnog Connoisseur

By 12.18.12

Holiday season typically means you’re stuck drinking eggnog, even if only for ceremony. The Awkward Spaceship’s Eggnog Connoisseur can teach you how to pretend as if you’re all-knowing when it comes to nog.

I’ll come right out and say that I’m not a fan of egg nog, even when it’s laced with a healthy dose of bourbon. I love raw egg in cocktails, but you’ve lost me once you bring milk and cream to the cup. It’s like drinking a melted vanilla milkshake with extra egg on top. No thanks. I do appreciate Awkward Spaceship’s ability to mock all too many aficionados though. If you’ve been to scotch or wine tastings, you know this is exactly how people act. Grab a couple buzz words, say them with confidence, and you’re ready to play the part of Roland Ballance, Eggnog Connoisseur.

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