Babes and booze: The world’s 10 greatest drinking spectacles

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Greatest Drinking Spectacles Babes Booze

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For most of us, several cocktails on a Friday or Saturday night are imperative for survival. The stress of the work or school week is too much to overcome with a single libation. But there are those who go above and beyond the call of drinking duty. People who act as if public drunkenness is not only their hobby, but rather, an inalienable right.

These people gather several times a year at different locations. Some even travel as far and wide as Brazil and Thailand to let it all hang out. And of course, while approximately half the people we speak of are men, we are much more concerned with the women.

So without further adieu, Guyism is proud to bring you, “Babes and Booze: the world’s 10 greatest drinking spectacles.”

Photo credit: BitchBuzz, Flickr

10 Rio Carnival
What started out as a simple celebration prior to Lent in 1723 has now evolved into the largest party in the world. The Rio de Janiero version includes samba schools, street dancing, and of course women and booze. Of particular note are the female performers in wild costumes who often are so scantily clad, they leave nothing to the imagination. Most people describe it as “Mardi Gras on crack”. I prefer acid myself, but whatever floats your boat.

9 Glastonbury Music Festival
Across the pond once a year, music and drinking come together on one rather large farm just outside of Glastonbury. It is now the largest open-air concert in the world and boasts several musical acts for a five to six day span. For the ignorant, a good way to describe it would be the British version of Woodstock. Well, except they were smart enough to keep it going year after year. And while people come for the music, they certainly stay for the party atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you might even run into a few drunk celebrities (Emma Watson in 2010) at the event.

8 St. Patrick’s Day

Perhaps no event on this list can match the marathon drinking session that St. Patrick’s day can boast. Upon rising from bed, a true partier will head to the bar at the wee hours of the morning, order themselves a hearty helping of eggs, bacon and black pudding, and scarf down a Guinness before the rooster crows. The day is then filled with copious amounts of green bar, Jameson, and drunk women urging you to drink with them because for one day out of the year they think they’re Irish. And by all means, feel free to oblige their humble request.

7 Burning Man
Twenty-four years ago, a few drunk friends headed to Baker Beach in San Francisco for the summer solstice. Now, the party is held in the Black Rock desert in Nevada. Seemingly an out of the way place for people to enjoy the week before Labor Day. It is now described by many as a time for radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. That’s hippie code for inebriated people, running and biking around in the buff–a 1-week nudist colony if you will.

6 Full Moon Party
On the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand tourists and locals come together once a month for the ultimate beach party. Occurring the night before the full moon (duh), singles as well as honeymooners dance the night away on the shoreline or in the many bars located in the area. The party used to be marred with heavy drug use, but lately, a police crackdown seems to have put a stop to it. Undoubtedly, there are still plenty of other dangerous things you can do. Especially when the woman seem oh so eager to hook up far away from home. By the way ladies, it’s not cheating if you’re not in the same area code.

5 Kentucky Derby
Many consider the Derby to be the greatest single horse race in the world. And while many in the stands go for the sporting event, there are those who could give a rat’s ass about horse racing. They are there for the party in the infield. And what a party it is. Considered by many to be one of the better tailgates in the United States. The rich and famous may line Millionaires Row with their Mint Julep’s, but down below, it’s beer, hard liquor and drunken debauchery. And if some ladies decide to roll around in a make-shift mud wrestling ring, well then, all the better.

4 Mardi Gras
Yet another pre-Lenten festival, Mardi Gras in New Orleans has quickly become the go-to place for Americans to throw their inhibitions to the wind. Perhaps at no other time in history can a ring of beads be worth so much. Women, who for some reason believe the beads are like gold pop their tops in an attempt to collect as many as possible. Men of course, are more than willing to aid them in their path of showing their boobies to the rest of the world. Just remember ladies, pictures are worth a thousand words.

3 New Year’s Eve
Roughly translated, Auld Lang Syne means “should old acquaintance be forgot, then drink till 4am and wake up to some random chick you met a New Year’s Eve party”. As far as one day/night drinking events go, only St. Patrick’s day can hold a candle to this. Do yourself a favor though and limit yourself to one glass of champagne. The mix of liquor with the bubbly makes for an awful hangover. (*Bonus, chicks you barely know will make out with you when the clock strikes 12).

2 International Surf Festival
As if people in Southern California weren’t living the high life already, now there’s a wacky beach volleyball tournament to add to their repertoire. Taking place on Manhattan beach once a year, revelers will jump from house to house trading stories and shots of booze with people they barely know. The name of the festival itself is a bit curious as there are outdoor competitions besides surfing including the aforementioned 6-man/woman volleyball tourney. All in all, one of the better beach parties in the world. Especially when the volleyball booties make an appearance.

1 Oktoberfest
From late September to early October, Munich hosts arguably the greatest drinking event in the world. As women dress up in the most revealing of dirndl, they slam steins of beer that often times are larger than their head. Thankfully though and judging from the pictures, they aren’t larger than their breasts. If you had to choose one drinking spectacle on this list to attend before you die, undoubtedly, it’s this one.

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