Baconfest’s one million calorie ‘hog log’

By 03.22.13
STLToday | Christian Gooden

STLToday | Christian Gooden

Baconfests are springing up across the country, but St. Louis might win the prize for most ridiculous product. The centerpiece of their event is a 50-foot “hog log.”

We’ve seen plenty of absurd food creations, many of which involve bacon, but nothing compares to this monstrosity. It’s 50 feet long and consists of 100 pounds of bacon inside 300 pounds of Italian sausage wrapped with 100 pounds of bacon. 500 pounds of pig is more than enough to put even the most epic eaters in a grave.

It’s created by Chef John Johnson of Lumiere Place Casino, but it was conceived by Matthew Guillot, one of the co-founders of Baconfest St. Louis. I suppose if you’re motivated enough to create an entire festival dedicated to swine dining, you probably have some clever ideas to make it a hit. This isn’t his first rodeo with the “hog log” either, so it was an obvious choice for the centerpiece of his event.

For more pictures, background, and world record status, check out the article on STLToday.

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