This barrage of texts from the clingiest girl ever may make you never date again

By 01.31.14

There’s nothing that anyone, male or female, hates more than a clinger. The good news? No clingy person in your life will EVER match the level of insanity this girl is throwing out there.

This 67 (!!!) image opus with a guy named Kevin and a girl simply known as “JJ” went live on Imgur this afternoon and oh boy is it an amazingly cringe-inducing read:

Say what you will about the lack of stability here but this girl’s got some balls trying every gambit possible. A brief list:

-“Oh, I meant to text someone else. Here are all my unfiltered thoughts about the situation as I pretend my texts are going to the wrong people.”
-Blame the guy for having sex with you.
-“Let’s be friends.”
-“I’m depressed and have no one to talk to so if you don’t talk to me, you’re responsible for whatever bad things may happen.”
-“Goodbye forever.”
-*12 hours later “Let’s hang out as friends.”
-Showing up at the guy’s house???
-“I’m amazing, your loss.”
-“I’m pregnant and it’s yours.”

All I can say is:

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