BassNation BlackBox: Stackable, high-quality speakers

By 12.19.12

A lot of speaker systems are basically off-the-shelf jobs: The components are all made elsewhere and the “manufacturer” is just slapping them together and charging you for not wiring it yourself.

BassNation decided to go a different route with the BlackBox; everything in the system was built from the ground up at their company, to make the best speaker possible.

Here’s a video explaining what went into the BlackBox:

In terms of tech specs, it’s got two 6.5-inch mid woofers, as well as two one-inch tweeters. It also has a built-in digital amplifier with DSP. The enclosure is made entirely of wood and has metal corners, so this is a fairly durable speaker.

It looks like an ’80s audio component, but it’s actually designed to be used more by regular consumers than audio hobbyists: The volume knob is on the front next to a 3.5mm jack, and there are RCA hookups in the back.

Oh, and they’re stackable, so you can just keep adding to them.

In short, if you’re looking for something small that will give you more audio oomph and can take a beating: Look no further.

BlackBox [BassNation]

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