Beat ‘Halo 4’, save some money on your credit card bill

by 5 years ago

If you finish Master Chief’s latest adventure in Halo 4, you can get $25 back on your American Express bill.

Here’s the deal: Halo 4 is REALLY good. I haven’t gotten a chance to beat it as of yet (thanks to Hurricane Sandy), but believe the hype: it’s actually better than Halo 3. So you’d think Microsoft would just kick back and let the word of mouth spread (which has been happening, thanks to all the glowing reviews), right? Nope.

Instead, they’re promoting the game like crazy, which is fine and dandy, but stuff like the Mountain Dew/Doritos/7-Eleven game is just embarrassing.

And then you have the promotion with American Express, which is just plain weird. According to Kotaku, you get $10 for just linking your Xbox Live gamertag to your card. And finishing the campaign nets you the “Wake Up, John” achievement and also $25 back onto your card.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s an additional $25, on-top of the $10 you already got, or if it’s just $15, for a grand total of $25. Sorry, can’t find out for myself since I don’t have American Express. And come to think of it, I don’t think I know anyone who has the card either. Everyone, myself included, are all Visa or Mastercard users.

Talk about an opportunity missed. You know, Mastercard/Master Chief? Anyhow, completing a Spartan Ops mission also nets you a coupon, provided you also spend $100 at particular retailer. Which, if you’re an American Express user, is something you do every time you go to the store (or so the impression I get from their ads. i.e. their customers all throw money around like nothing).

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