Bengals cheerleader who banged a high schooler getting her own TV show

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Sarah Jones

Cincinnati Bengals

Because why wouldn’t we want to be reminded of that every single week? Let’s quickly recap the story of Sarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and Kentucky high school teacher. She was first brought to public attention earlier this year when a rumor started circulating that she was having sex with one of her students at Dixie Heights High School. It turned out to be true and she lost both of her jobs at once, as well as being brought in on sexual misconduct charges. She eventually copped a plea deal that kept her out of jail, helped in part by the fact that her teenage boyfriend Cody York was now 18 and legal. And now… she wants to be famous.

Jones appeared on Dateline NBC along with York, where the two claimed to be in love and happy. But inside sources are gossiping that Jones was bragging about how she “made bank” from the interview and she wants more. Now Radar Online is reporting that 495 Productions, the illustrious media company behind Jersey Shore, have gotten in touch with the couple about anchoring their own reality TV show about their relationship.

Let’s be straight here: no matter how many letters to Penthouse would have you believe different, what Jones did was a crime. She took advantage of a position of authority to get the D, and if this was a 27 year old man who banged a 17 year old girl you bet your ass that it wouldn’t be turning out so well. I mean, unless the girl is Courtney Stodden, but that’s something entirely weirder.

If the show doesn’t work out, Jones has other ways of cashing in without actually working – she’s filing an $11 million lawsuit against Nik Richie, the guy who runs, for posting an entry back in 2009 called “The Dirty Bengals Cheerleader” about her sexual proclivities. And she also wants to go to law school. What an ambitious lady!

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