8 classic Nintendo accessories we still want to have

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Classic Nintendo Accessories

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Video game accessories have long been a staple of the gaming industry. Today, we’ve got such important add-ons as the Rock Band instrument controllers, wireless headsets and remote battery charging stations. While by no means as technologically advanced as these devices, Nintendo has a long history of releasing great game accessories. From the days of the NES and beyond, here are some of the best Nintendo accessories of all time.

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8 Game Genie

Back in the days of original Nintendo, cheat codes were almost a necessity for the average eight year-old gamer. Games were tougher back then, and a lack of save options didn’t make things any easier. Enter the Game Genie -– the classic device that allowed you to instantly enter a variety of cheat codes. From extra lives and upgraded weapons to level jumping and invincibility, this was easily one of the most powerful and sought-after NES accessories.

7 SNES Score Master

Joystick pads have a fairly close relationship with old-school Nintendo consoles. When it came the Super Nintendo, the Score Master was the go-to accessory for those looking to bring some arcade action into the living room. Most commonly matched with Street Fighter II, the joystick design certainly helped pull off those down, right-down, right special moves like the Hadouken.

6 Game Boy Printer

The Game Boy Printer was one of the more interesting gimmicks to grace the portable gaming world. Compatible with such classic games as Pokemon and Link’s Awakening, the accessory allowed players to print out unique images and even stickers that directly related to the game-play. Sync it up with the Game Boy camera, and you could even print out unique photos of your own.

5 Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak

Ah yes, remember when the days of rumble motion used to be a novel idea? The N64 Rumble Pak was a near necessity for any N64 owner, even though it did little more than vibrate every time your GoldenEye 007 character got killed in multi-player mode. Still, it was quite easy to become used to the constant rumblings during game-play, and that little extra bit of immersion helped make the games just that much more enjoyable.

4 DK Bongos

Released in 2004, the Donkey Kong Bongos are essentially the grandfather of all in-home instrument controllers. Manufactured for use with the Donkey Kong game series, the bongos helped usher in the idea of rhythm-based gaming. They even came with a microphone that allowed them to identify clapping.

3 Power Pad

Before Dance Dance Revolution there was the Nintendo Power Pad. Introduced to America in 1988, this giant floor mat got the kids of the 80s onto their feet to compete in World Class Track Meet. Seriously, who doesn’t remember going up against Cheetah in the running races or jumping off the mat to increase your long-distance jump? As a testament to the staying power of the Power Pad, Nintendo recently announced that a similar accessory will be released for the Nintendo Wii.

2 Zapper Light Gun

As a pre-bundled accessory for the NES, it’s hard not to remember the orange and gray Zapper light gun. This little marvel of technology taught a whole generation of kids the joys of duck hunting. Of course, there was also Wild Gunman and Hogan’s Alley. Despite the fact that you couldn’t ever wound that maniacally laughing dog in Duck Hunt, you’ve got to admit the Light Gun was pretty darn cool.

1 Power Glove

There is no Nintendo accessory as legendary as the Power Glove. Though difficult to use, the Power Glove marked the beginning of Nintendo’s obsession with motion controls. Heavily hyped in the classic movie The Wizard, many have come to conclude that this Nintendo accessory is “so bad” it’s good.

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