7 of the best special edition foods of all time

by 5 years ago
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Best Special Edition Foods

bob, Flickr

Everyone likes chocolate, vanilla and other easy-on-the-palate, crowd-pleasers, but what about flavor combinations that are a bit out of the box? Luckily for us, some food companies have taken it upon themselves to offer up awesome limited editions of our favorite junk foods. What's your favorite special edition food?

Photo credit: bob, Flickr

Candy Corn Oreos

JeepersMedia, Flickr

Oreos, meet Candy Corn. How did this childhood cookie and childhood candy never meet before this? Candy Corn Oreos are made up of two crunchy, golden Oreo cookies with a half-yellow, half-orange Candy Corn flavored filling. This may be the only instance where it would be suitable to give out cookies to trick-or-treaters.

Photo credit: JeepersMedia, Flickr


darinrmcclure, Flickr

The McRib made its debut in 1981 and since then has enjoyed a cult following over the years. BBQ pork shoulder meat in delicious factory-made patty form, slivered onions, pickle slices and absolutely no redeeming nutritional value make this a delicious and necessary part of McDonald's canon of meaty junk food wins.

Photo credit: darinrmcclure, Flickr

Darth Vader Burger

bob, Flickr

How evil did French fast-food purveyor Quick have to be to celebrate in preparation for the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace with new Star Wars-themed burgers? Not as evil as they had to be to load up this double-burger up with hot pepper sauce, melted pepper cheese and a beet juice and paprika dyed pitch-black bun, bringing the dark side of The Force right to your digestive tract.

Photo credit: bob, Flickr

The geniuses who brought us cheddar cheese Goldfish transcend their usual good-but-not-great cookie flavors (because let's be honest, Milano's and Chessmen are middle-aged people snacks) with their pumpkin cheesecake cookies. Pumpkin-flavored soft cookie surrounding a creamy cheesecake center sounds delicious, but seems suspiciously likely to lead to the 'beetus if a sweet tooth goes unchecked.

Photo credit: Amazon/Pepperidge Farm


spindian_princesa, Instagram

One night around 3AM I was watching a Police Academy marathon and got dessert-hungry, so I busted out a box of Mallomars along with some peanut butter and jelly and proceeded to make Mallomar PB&J sandwiches out of them. And by them, I mean the entire box. It was the fattest night of my life, and it's the likelihood of obsessive moments like these that give Mallomars (available from October to April) a cult-status cookie following. A disc of soft, yellow cake, topped with a fluffy marshmallow, enrobed in a shell of dark chocolate perfection. Try them toasted, then try them frozen, then realize you've eaten an entire box too.

Photo credit: spindian_princesa, Instagram

Sam Adams Summer Ale

edwin.bautista, Flickr

Available April through August, Sam Adams Summer Ale is a crisp, refreshing alcoholic treat that goes great in one hand with a meat-juice covered tong in the other as you stand over the grill. It's brewed with a tropical, citrusy spice from West Africa called "Grains of Paradise" along with wheat malt and lemon zest to produce a great summer beverage that pairs well with tart cheeses, seafood dishes, Thai food and key lime pie.

Photo credit: edwin.bautista, Flickr

BBQ Bacon Burger Hot Pockets

theimpulsivebuy, Flickr

Get out of our way, because we're headed over to the frozen aisle. Beef, cheese, bacon and onion dressed with sweet and tangy "BBQ sauce" (it's really just tomato paste with spices, but hey if we were BBQ purists we wouldn't be eating BBQ hot pockets anyway) inside a toasty bun without any of the hassle of real vegetables. It's the perfect handheld snack for a carnivorous man on the go.

Photo credit: theimpulsivebuy, Flickr

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