This is the best tampon commercial ever made

By 06.27.14

A group of actors, young and old, audition for a commercial. They are all instructed to perform simple tasks but “like a girl.”

Run like a girl. Kick like a girl. Throw like a girl. You get the idea.

The older adults — men and women — all perform these actions the way they think they’re supposed to perform them. Their arms flail and legs kick awkwardly while simulating running, they perform hand slaps instead of punches, and everything is done in “softer” motions as if they don’t want to harm anyone, especially themselves. Even the young male actors perform the task in a demure fashion.

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The younger female actresses do exactly what they’re told — they run, throw and kick like a girl — but don’t change the way they’d naturally kick, run and throw. They’re being honest and true to who they really are as a young woman.

It’s remarkable to watch how a simple comment like “act like a girl” can do to a woman. Imagine what this comment does to women in real life.

It really makes a person think about a lot more than just tampons.


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