Beware the crappy Christmas apps

by 5 years ago

It’s the festive, jolly season. And we’re all for getting wasted in the office and collecting free loot from relatives you can’t generally stand unless you’re basically a walking alcohol storage tank.

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One thing that’s horrible, though, is Christmas creep, and this year, it promises to be worse than ever on your app store.

Here’s the basic problem: There are more and more people who are joining the ranks of smartphone users, and who were already members in good standing of the “technologically ignorant” group.

Most Christmas apps are, it must be said, annoying more than anything else. Those free Santa soundboards and Christmas-themed crossword games are basically ad grabs that are meant to be deleted and forgotten the microsecond December 26th rolls around.

Unfortunately, where there are technologically ignorant people, there are thieves, so some apps may do various nasty things to your phone, ranging from stealing your address book to stealing your credit cards.

So, basically, do yourself and taste a favor: Avoid Christmas-themed apps, especially the “free” ones, and help your relatives do the same. If nothing else, it’ll save you an hour fixing their smartphone.

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